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HP Officejet Printers – HP Printer Setup, Driver Download

HP Officejet 6962 All in One Printer

HP Officejet printer is given a print, fax or scanning in attractive style to print. The officejet printer is more suitable to use for house and home. The people was represented the model so they are increased manufacturing process. hp officejet 6962 is printing faster accuracy alignment moves up on the ratio all the feature section.

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Printer Setup

HP Officejet 6962 printer is very easy to install in your computer. hp setup system is very fast performing in your computer to install. Just you follow the advice to finish the process. Your HP 6962 driver printer setup.

Driver Download

Enter to our website type your model number of printer in the search bar. The list of upgraded version setup file showed in your display. Press HP Officejet 6962 download drivers to in your computer and install the driver.

Wireless Setup

Now a days, everyone want to do a smart work in mobile device. HP officejet 6962 model is well featured to print from handy and in compact zone. In mobile devices, access HP Officejet 6962 printer network to connect a print from mobile.


HP officejet troubleshooting is way to get unwinding from the user ltd questions and other issue on the HP oj6962 printer with our great support and guide, which makes the users with more comfort to user friendly context to access effectively with the easy access.

HP Officejet 6962 – HP Officejet 6962 Setup

HP officejet 6962 driver installation is the effect will cause setup that makes the full installation effective by their working over driver performance on the printing by HP Setup printers. It was activating the high user with degree of accuracy and step outs with the biggest features to access freely over HP Officejet 6962 installation system.

123 HP Officejet6962 Unboxing the Printer

  • Get the printer from the packaging box; make ensure the full peel off the wrappers and the protecting the tape.
  • Take on your side the printer to the computer and make to connect plug on the power socket.
  • Power on your oj6962 printer and computer is to connect the wired or wireless mode.
  • Check once again they connected properly and select the file or document to get print from your officejet 6962 printer.

Connect the printer to HP Officejet 6962 power source

  • Take out oj6962 printer from the packed seal box.
  • Plug on the power pin to your hp officejet 6962 printer and set the preference to the printer.
  • In input tray load the sack of papers. Does not cross the height indicator.
  • Install that the ink cartridge.
  • The ink cartridge correct in your printer.
  • Install the driver to download in your computer.

Steps to install the HP Officejet6962 Printer Software

  • Shut on your computer.
  • Visit our ; find the printer of your model.
  • The printer driver software list is show on your display.
  • Direct download the new version driver to your computer.
  • Press to install and driver run in your computer.
  • Pursue the advices to install and finish the system.
  • Select any document or fax and photo are make to print.

Load papers into the tray

  • Use A4 white sheet paper and align the paper in your oj6962 printer in equal width and does not cross the height of the indicator.
  • Pull out slowly the input tray and close the input tray before you load the paper properly. You’re placing paper inside the input tray.
  • Can repair the paper with the help of the slideshow until the bottom of the paper in the input tray.If you inserted the paper inside the input tray the printing job started automatically.

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Installtions of drivers/software

HP Officejet 6962 Printer Driver Installation

Visit our website in your computer for download hp setup officejet6962  printer driver. Find your printer model in the searching option. Download direct the setup and press the setup to install the system to follow the advices. Tap to accept the driver work in computer. Follow the instruction in your monitor will show on you, and finish the installation process.

Download hp Oj 6962 printer drivers

How to Print Documents

In case wish your hp6962 printer software is working in your computer. After as said your printer software driver has appropriate must to be installed. You can install the software printer recommended from in your computer.

Printing status report and cartridge alignment

Check your document and printing quality after you will confirm to start printing. It is a main to analyse for print quality so that results you can take it a best print. Print quality for well-good hp oj6962 setup, you calling the ink cartridges.

  1. The printer will automatically to conditioning the paper, to will clear print quality.
  2. You will analyse the print quality from the printer. Before you ensure to load the paper properly inside the input tray.
  3. Alignment paper with check and pursue the advice given in the ink cartridge alignment for printed paper.

Follow the advices is given to below for the ink cartridges conditioning.

  1. Vast the scanner lid.
  2. In the scanner alignment the paper in glass place to print.
  3. Facing below the printer side is that make to confirm.
  4. Close the scanner lid and press on ok to start the conditioning system.

For successful printing

  1. The HP printer uses a pristine ink cartridge only.
  2. In their related place please verify the printer is installed.
  3. The ink cartridges ink dimension in ever must monitored.
  4. Inside the printer don’t use that any folder or torn paper.

To Print on both sides (duplexing)

Dual sides of paper you can print on off course, it is called a duplexing. To reach this you have to open the printer control panel. Choose file >print there press oj6962 hp printer shortcut tab and select print on dual sides manually.

How to print using HP Officejet 6962

We are now moving on towards how to using your HP officejet 6962 printer to print the successful conditioning of the ink cartridges,

You are printing in your documents in this part wizard. You can any of the following the system being print your hp officejet 6962 Setup
necessary document.

  1. HP smart app
  2. HP printer software.

Print using the hp smart app

Follow the instruction given underneath for successful printing using the HP smart app system.

  1. In your printer insert the paper inside of the printer input tray.
  2. Select your oj6962 printer and next open the smart app.
  3. Want to print from the printer. Hold on select your photos, document or file.
  4. Press to print.

Print documents using hp printer software

In case if you wish to install hp officejet setup 6962 software driver for your printer, locate to the appropriate drivers page to continue the installation of printer software and driver for hp officejet 6962 printer. You can also install the recommended software from HP CD/DVD.

  1. Load the paper inside the printer input tray.
  2. Open the dialogue box of printer properties (Ctrl + p).
  3. Here you can set paper orientation, paper size and font change in the properties.
  4. Next to press start printing.

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HP Officejet6962 wireless printer setup

Your officejet 6962 printer wireless from if in case you wish connect you can through the access HP direct wireless and direct Wi-Fi features. Such as smartphone or tablet and computer you can wireless connect to suitable device. The help of without the wireless router or access point you setup to print a wireless connection.

How TO Use Wi-Fi Direct On 123 HP Officejet 6962

Through the wirelessly your computer, smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi direct permission you to print. For that, your device started previous ought to recommended download the software printer to the setup. Follow the instructions given from power on the Wi-Fi direct.

  1. In your control panel go to the HP officejet printer.
  2. Press the on choice to the Wi-Fi direct.
  3. In Wi-Fi direct choose the settings.
  4. Shut on the Wi-Fi direct option.
  5. You can connect up five devices through the Wi-Fi direct system.

To print from a wireless-capable mobile device that supports Wi-Fi Direct

  1. Shut on the Wi-Fi direct in your mobile devices and in your HP OFFICE JET.
  2. The document that you have chosen to click on mobile and printer you’re to print.
  3. Printers are screen on your display the available list.
  4. Press ok, to chosen your printer from the available list.

To print from a wireless-capable mobile device that does not support Wi-Fi Direct

  1. Install on your mobile device the suitable application.
  2. Turn on the printer in direct Wi-Fi.
  3. Shut on your hp officejet 6962 Wi-Fi connection in your mobile device. The wireless network list is clam the displayed.
  4. Choose Wi-Fi direct name.
  5. When prompted Wi-Fi direct enter the password.

How to setup Officejet 6962 printer on your wireless network? wireless printer setup

To print from a wireless-capable computer (Windows)

  1. Shut on in your 123 hp setup oj6962 printer of Wi-Fi direct.
  2. Shut on the Wi-Fi connections in your computer. The network wireless a list is seizure displayed.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi direct name.


Connect your printer via LAN or connect your printer with? The router has you to the Ethernet other wired network cable connects your oj6962 printer or via LAN to user want connect your hp officejet 6962 printer.You can find a port connecting the Ethernet cable.Once connect end of the cable another end to the network router and at the printer port.


You can manage your printer’s wireless connection and the setup. Also modify the network and view can turn the wireless on or off. Such as the setting is link speed, default gateway, IP setting and firewall should not be converted.

HP Officejet 6962 Web Services

The HP eprinter is give permission for HP wen service to using the web connect from that at any place, anywhere from your printer, computer, mobile device, solution and service through the portfolio. The HP web service is working on internet access, if you get print that help of from any websites and my media.

How to set up web services for Officejet6962

The files from the internet you can access the HP printer with of your help by using the web service feature to access that your printer HP web service make ensure that your hp 6962 printer is connected to an in action internet connect.

Web Service using Printer Control Panel

In printer control panel go to setting>web services.There press on ok to start in your printer to web service. Officejet 6962 printer will be the server and an automatic test of printing page from Now automatically connected.

Web Service using Embedded Web Server (EWS)

Find your oj6962 printer IP address and with that to patulous you have the web service embedded.Then press on the setup server embedded icon settings. You will watch a screen set of advices displayed.Next top on pursue to pursuit with the server embedded web service.

How to Remove Web Services

Ready to using the web service if you are not you can remove that are available them by using the following advices

  1. You have to patulous the remove web service from the embedded web server.
  2. Tap the web services pounce, and remove web service to press in the part of web service settings.Found the button you will, remove the web service.
  3. Erase the web service from the click that button.
  4. Press the yes finally from your 6962 printer to erase the web service.

hp e print services

Tapping the information button and cancel button. you can get the printer email information. In action internet connection has an mobile device or computer that your ensure make feature this activate you before in your oj6962 printer on the option of web service is then enable.

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Issues in HP Officejet 6962 Printer

Our customer support are always wait need to help for you if you felt in any troubleshooting techniques for all the problems facing by the customer to stand until the end with finish the print jobs. In any mode of connections issues are section of printer setup and procedure. We got opposite during printer device with point out the inspection and elucidation.

HP Officejet 6962 Ink Cartridges Issues and Solutions


  1. Unused the salvation ink cartridges are play the main role in their emphasis.
  2. Confirm that they therefore you should are saved pristine if they are yet to be installed.
  3. Otherwise, can crust over the nozzles. Keep the distribution humidified in an airtight container.
  4. The ends if anything touches can wick the ink from them the hand.
  5. Keep the cartridges and installed the heads print inside the product even after the caps and tapes erased have been around them.
  6. Experience you will ink cartridge wreckage, are not stored correctly if the accessories.


  1. In your HP Officejet 6962 have print Ink cartridges quality problem there you will watch the lines and faded output, blurry and fuzzy text outputs or even ink coatings.
  2. The rough handling hp oj 6962 printer from the ink cartridges newly installed properly may not working well.
  3. You do anything else even before let the printer carry its own automatic the service custom. The service customer carries its own automatic you do anything else ever before let the printer.


  1. This structure is for windows device only from print where you are not able outputs color.
  2. Out of the list of devices from just have officejet 6962 printer.


  1. Pursue does that uninstall the software.
  2. Programs and Features / Apps & Features -> Uninstall / Yes -> Yes.
  3. You just have thereafter to do what the prompt on screen to tell you.
  4. Erase to the device list in the printing device.
  5. Power of the computer and disconnect the cables.
  6. Tap to follows.


  1. To use the media of right kind for print job it is more important.
  2. You should also sure that you are the paper placing on input tray to the appropriately with the facing blow the print side.
  3. Should be avoided usage the curled or wrinkled paper?
  4. Everyday used best for printing the technology of color look.
  5. Can be used for high and thick contrast graphics printing. Photo paper for the HP oj6962 advanced


  1. A caution the printer problem in level of ink cartridges HP oj6962, you plan distribute it is ideally letting.
  2. Cartridges change should be a considered before the finish ink run outs.
  3. You should make it a replace from point blank and low ink cartridges.
  4. The carriage door open and attain for the cartridges.
  5. That is pursue unseat the one monitored as less ink containing.
  6. The new pack to patulous in ink cartridges and change the appropriate places in their colors.

HP Officejet Troubleshooting Clear Paper Jam

To clear a paper jam from input tray

  1. Pull out the input tray and erase the paper is jammed in the tray.
  2. Before the paper is erased to Reinsert the input tray into officejet 6962 printer
  3. Shut on the printer.

To clear a paper jam from print zone

  1. Shut on the printer to access for an ink cartridge.
  2. Open the ink cartridges access door and move the carriage of printer.
  3. The cartridges inside area analyse the jammed paper.
  4. The jammed paper erase to the carriage.
  5. Cartridges of access door to be closed.

To clear a paper jam from the rear of the printer

Shut off the printer and open the printer of the back door. Analyse the area for jammed or paper stuck. Close the back access door before erase the paper.

It is evade a recommended tool to eliminate object in printer carriage such as papers that stuck. To evade the paper jam in oj6962, in common.

  1. Clear frequently the output tray.
  2. Do not use the folded or torn paper.
  3. Don’t input tray to be over load.

To clear a print carriage jam

Your 6962 printer is suddenly not to print, the input tray to be open and analyse out the paper. Because the paper is jammed on printer so erase the paper from officejet 6962 printer and close the input tray and cartridge of access door.