Seamless Wireless Printing capabilities

Presently you can print directly from your mobiles, tablets or remotely associated workstation on our printers. Our Wi-Fi empowered printers give total solace and spares you from the irritating need to bear a USB printer association link and other gadget connectors and link connectors.

Our Wi-Fi printers can be effectively designed to your home or office systems utilizing the safe WPS arrangement.

Wireless Protected Setup

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WPS Connections in HP Officejet Printer

Steps to Connect HP Officejet Printer using WPS Button

  • Tap Hp Printer control panel on printer screen and press the wireless button or Setting button.
  • Next select the option “WiFi protected Setup and follow the instructions in the printer screen.
  • Then select the WPS Button in the next screen. Immediately printer will ask to enter the WPS button on wireless router.
  • Upon pressing the WPS button on the router, press continue for wireless connection.
  • Next you will see a solid blue light on printer, Which meas our printer is ready to print.

Steps to Connect HP Officejet Printer using WPS Pin

  • Open HP Printer control panel and then press the Wireless option under settings.
  • Tap the WiFi protected Setup and then click on next to proceed for WPS pin.
  • Now we will see a PIN option, after tapping on it , WPS button will be displayed on screen.
  • Open wireless router login page or Wireless access point and then there we have to enter WPS PIN.
  • Once the setup is complete, we have to Install a printer driver on network by opening Hp Printer Folder in All Programs > Printer Setup & Software.
  • Next select the option ” Connect a new printer’ and continue for good printing.

Key Features of Wireless Printing